Wow I’ve never have seen the water bed so dry. I don’t believe that the water is gone, it’s like gone. Better get to work. “5days later” well that was though good thing we got all the water back in.

”jimmy” yeah that was hard! This is nice. “Takes eyes off it for one second” wait did all the go away again?

”me” yeah it did again. Well want to do that all over again?

“Jimmy” no I want to rest.So see ya later alligator.

”me”no, pls don’t I’m not doing that by myself


uhhh that was a weird story

One thought on “100wc#4

  1. Anthony,

    I was curious why the river bed was so dry and what your character did to get the water back in? Why did it disappear again? That would have made it even more interesting!

    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

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