This picture is not good. This makes me feel sad. Because this is global warming and pollution. I’m very sad because of this. Switch to solar energy,wind energy,water energy, and nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is not bad but people believe it is because of the Chernobyl event. Global warming can flood Florida,Hawaii and some of […]


Today is hot. Yeah it sure is. Did you hear that scientists have been overwhelmed? Oh that thing. The new species and stuff. Yep their green I heard. Aliens!! Oh my gosh, could you stop please. No. Of course. Fine ill stop. Well now what. What is the new species anyway? Don’t ask me ask […]


Wow that little guy is cleaning the glasses? This is a picture right. I mean it’s something. Why do the glasses have pink feathers? Hmmmmm. What’s going on in his mind?”in the little guys mind” I have to clean this pink feathered glasses. This is tough when your small. “Back to me” I’m going to […]


Wow I’ve never have seen the water bed so dry. I don’t believe that the water is gone, it’s like gone. Better get to work. “5days later” well that was though good thing we got all the water back in. ”jimmy” yeah that was hard! This is nice. “Takes eyes off it for one second” […]


Bro that’s a weird soccer ball where did you get it? Walmart??? well it does look like when you kick it it will break.why did you even get it to play with? This looks like wood stick figures but its bones. 🙁 Scary. ”man 2” what even is this its like totally weird and scary […]